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Kennesaw Parks and Rec Membership 
-If you live within the City Limits (you pay City taxes), your membership is free of charge.
-If you live outside the City limits, your membership is $20 per year.
*any questions regarding membership, please contact Kennesaw Parks and Rec. 

 Recital option classes are the full school year. All classes will start the week of Aug. 21 and run through May. The end of year recital date and location will be announced by Sept. 30. 
Registration will remain open for all classes until Sept1. 
* If a class does not have a minimum of 5 students by August 31, the class will be canceled and you will have the option to go into a 10 week class or receive a refund from KPR on their refund schedule.
*Last day to withdraw from ANY recital option class is Aug.31. No refunds will be given after this date. Refunds will be issued by the KPR on their refund schedule. 
*All class tuition is PAID IN FULL EACH MONTH to the Kennesaw Parks and Rec. 
*There will be a Recital fee that will be paid directly to The Dancers Studio. It will cover the following items - costume, tights, t-shirt, medal, and 5 tickets to the recital.
*$200 in 4 payments of $50 each for these classes Dance Tots 2, Hip-Hop, and Ballet/Tap. These classes receive 1 costume and a pair of tights *Hip-Hop may not require tights.

Company Monthly Base Tuition:

Company I - $200
                - $225 with Pointe

Company II - $200
                 - $225 with Hip-Hop

Company III - $150
                  - $190 with Hip-Hop


Company IV - $95
                  - $115 with one production
                  - $125 with two productions
                  - $140 without productions, with Hip-Hop

                  - $155 with two productions and Hip-Hop

 All Company Levels are required to take Ballet.



Tuition payments are paid to The Kennesaw Parks and Rec. KPR accepts card payments only. For additional information:

Ben Robertson Community Center - City of Kennesaw (

Missed Classes

NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN FOR MISSED CLASSES. Classes missed due to illness or family emergencies only may be made up. Please check with your teacher for make-up dates and times. Because we start recital dances in January, there are no make-up classes after December. 

IMG-7716 (1).jpg

The recital is held at a local theatre. Most students will only be in one of the recitals. If you have 2 or more children in dance, we make every effort to place them in the same recital; however, this is not always possible. You will be notified in April which recital you are in, to allow you to make plans accordingly. Company members perform in both recitals. 

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