Online Registration: 

2021/22 Classes: Registration now Closed

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In Person Registration: 

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General Registration Fees:

New Student: $25

New Sibling: $15

Returning Student: $20

Returning Siblings: $10

Military Discount

We offer FREE registration to all active military families. Use Coupon Code MILITARY in the registration page. (Must present military ID in person. A $25 value)


Registration fee and tuition for August classes are paid at the time of sign up. Tuition is not based on the number of classes per month, but is a yearly fee. Remember that there are some months that have 5 weeks. This allows us to take the holidays off; therefore, EACH MONTH IS PAID IN FULL! 

Regular Monthly Tuition:

Dance Tots / Hip Hop: $58 per month ($43 sibling)

Ballet/Tap Combo Classes: $62 per month ($48 sibling)

Ballet/Tap/Jazz 1 1/2 hour classes: $75 per month ($63 sibling)

Company Monthly Base Tuition*:

Company IV with Hip Hop: $190

Company IV without Hip Hop: $160

Company III with Hip Hop: $215

Company III without Hip Hop: $185

Company I/II with Pointe and Musical Theater: $220

Company I/II with Pointe: $200

Company I/II with Musical Theater: $200

Company I/II without Pointe or Musical Theater: $190

Petite Company with Hip Hop: $135

Petite Company: $95

All company Tuition includes Saturday rehearsals. All Company Levels are required to take Ballet.


*For all additional fees, see the Company Contract on the Performance Company page.


Tuition is due on the first class day of each month, whether you are present or not. 

We accept in-person payments via credit card, cash, or check. (Credit Card Service Fee applies per swipe, based on the amount).

We also offer monthly automatic credit card drafts. Tuition will be drafted from the card on file the first calendar class day of the month. Costume payments and recital fees are drawn on the 15th of each month. 

All costume fees may be paid with card, check or cash at anytime during the months that they are due. 


We are also glad to work with our customers if they need to set up a different payment due date plan.

Service Charges:

Late Fee (collected after the 10th of the month if tuition remains unpaid): $10

Returned Checks*: $20 + Value of Check

*Please write on all checks the name of the student, so that proper credit may be given.


If a student wishes to withdraw, the parent must confer with the director and give a one month written notice in advance along with that month's tuition in full. ALL FIRST YEAR STUDENTS are required to stay enrolled for 2 months in order for their parents and the teacher to make an educated decision as to completing the term.

Missed Classes

NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN FOR MISSED CLASSES. Classes missed due to illness or family emergencies only may be made up. Please check with your teacher for make up dates and times. Because we start recital dances in January, there are no make up classes after December. 


Payment plans are available. The first costume deposit of $30 or $30, depending on the classes you take, is due by September 30. NO REFUNDS AFTER JAN. 1.

Costume Fees:

Dance Tots, Hip Hop, Ballet/Tap: $75 ($63 sibling)

Ballet/Tap/Jazz (2 costumes): $140 ($130 sibling)

Company: Fee Varies


The recital is held at a local theatre. Most students will only be in one of the recitals. If you have 2 or more children in dance, we make every effort to place them in the same recital; however, this is not always possible. You will be notified in April which recital you are in, to allow you to make plans accordingly. Company members perform in both recitals. You will receive 5 tickets to your first recital and 2 to your second recital.

Recital Fees:

Recital Package (Required): $130* ($40 sibling)

The Recital Package includes rehearsal, 5 tickets to the recital, a trophy, a t-shirt, one 8x10 group dance picture, and one USB flash drive with a recording of the recital. (The sibling fee does not come with additional tickets or additional flash drives.)

Extra tickets are available at the door for $8.00, and additional USB flash drives may be ordered.


*Subject to change.