Baby Ballerinas


We offer Baby Ballerinas for 3 and 4 year old children. These classes include creative movements along with basic ballet. (2½ year old children are accepted on an individual trial basis.)

Ballet, Tap, and Jazz

Ballet and Tap combo classes are available for anyone over 4½ years old. Students may add Jazz at age 7 with the Ballet class.

Hip Hop


We offer Hip Hop, starting at age 7.

Pointe / Contemporary


These classes are available for intermediate and advanced level dancers, with director approval.

Spring Recital


Although the Spring Recital is not a requirement, it is the highlight of the dance season and gives each dancer a goal to work toward.

The Dancers Studio presents its annual Spring Recital at a local theatre. Prior to the recital, we arrange for a professional photograph to be made of your dancer. Videography of the recital is also offered, and included in the recital fee.

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