Attire & Shoes

All classes require leotards and tights for girls and dance pants and t-shirts for boys. Baggy clothing is discouraged. Long hair should be worn in a pony tail. Pink ballet shoes are required, along with tan tap shoes and tan jazz shoes.

Ages 3 & 4 - Dance Tots 

Leotard: any color, any style

Ballet shoes: color - pink; any brand (except WalMart or Payless brands)

Tights: color -pink or white; any brand

Skirt: optional, or leotard with one already attached

Age 4½ - 9+: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop

Leotard: any color, any style

Tights: color -pink or light toast/light tan; any brand

Tap Shoes: color - tan; style - Merry Jane style; Brand - SoDanca, Bloch, Capezio, or Leos

Jazz Shoes: color - tan; brand - Bloch, Superjazz

Ballet Shoes: color -pink style - leather brand - Bloch preferred

Hip Hop sneakers: color - black; check with instructor

Skirt: optional

Boy Cut Dance Shorts: for Jazz and Hip Hop


All company members are required to have a black leotard and boy cut shorts.

Shoes: vary by company level

Canvas ballet shoes may be worn for class.